Slush Cups Lids & Straws

Slush Cups, Slushyards and Slush Spoonstraws are the perfect way to eat or drink your favourite Slush!


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  • Slush Cup Small x 1000
    Slush Cups in clear plastic.  Strong anti shatter, high quality clear plastic Slush Cup. Size 9.oz/250ml Quantity per Case 1000 Domed Lids are available seperately. Our Domed Lids fit both sizes of cups - one size fits all!    ..
  • Slush Cup Regular x 1000
    Regular Slush Cups in Clear Plastic. Strong, anti shatter, high quality, clear plastic Slush Cup. Size: 12oz/350ml Quantity per case 1000 Clear plastic domed lids are available separately - these lids fit both small and regular cups!   ..
  • Domed Lid for Slush Cups
    Clear Domed Lid for both 9.oz and 12.oz Slush Cups with Strawslot. NEW for 2018 - This lid fits both small 9.oz slush cups and our regular 12.oz slush cups  There are 1000 lids per box. ..
  • Domed Lid for 16oz Cup
    Clear Domed Lid for 16.oz Large Cups with Strawslot. This lid fits our Large 16oz Cups. There are 1000 lids per box. ..
  • Spoonstraws x 1000
    Slush Spoonstraws Our Slush Spoonstraws are the perfect way to eat or drink your favourite slush.  There are 1000 Slush Spoonstraws in a pack. ..
  • Slushyards 350ml x 144
    Slushyards are the perfect way to increase sales and have your customers cool down this summer! These novelty fun cups have a lid and really long straw that reaches the last drop at the bottom. The slushyards are refillable, and agreat excuse to visit again. Slushyards 350ml size. There are 144 o..