Milkshake Cups

Milkshake Cups - we offer a range of milkshake cups and some exclusive eye catching designs too!
Our exclusive black and white cow pattern milkshake cups are instantly recogniseable and need no explanation - its Milkshake!

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  • Milkshake Cups Large
    Our smart Milkshake Cups are a new design that allows you to serve your milkshake in a high quality paper cup, with attractive colourful logo, and the latest social media links to help you get your milkshake seen on facebook, and help your business attract more likes and follows.  These 16oz..
  • Milkshake Cups Regular
    Milkshake Cups dont come any more colourful than this! Our exclusive cow pattern milkshake cups really dont need any explanation, its fresh, its from a cow, its made with milk - its Milkshake! Box of 1000 x Regular size Milkshake Cups 12.0z/330ml Did you know paper cups dont feel as cold in bad w..
  • Flat Lid with Strawslot
    Flat Lid for Cow Pattern Cups with Strawslot. This lid fits both Regular and Large cow pattern paper Milkshake Cups. These are not for plastic slush cups. There are 1000 lids per box. ..
  • Test Product - simulation test
    Clean and Convenient! This set of four x 1 litre syrup dispenser bottles with convenient press down pump action tops are an idea way to dispense milkshake syrup. Also very handy for stock control and consistancy control - everyone uses the same amount of squirts per milkshake - simple! ..