Slush Spare Parts

We stock a complete range of spare parts for the slush machines we sell - we look after our customers first. So if you are an existing customer be assured we will always prioritise your order, and look after you first for product and spare parts.
We also stock a range of parts for many other machines. Customers of other companies often come to us for parts or service because their slush supplier has let them down.

Its a fact - companies selling cheap slush mix often dont sell slush machines or stock any spare parts.
Cash and Carry wholesalers may from time to time sell some generic slush mix, its cheap, got colour, got some taste, but as for brix level??  
Its not made specifically for your machine, and when it damages your machine are they going to fix it? - NO!

Fact - when your machine parts break due to cheap slush mix, the company selling the cheap slush mix blames the slush machine - and you're gonna carry the can. 
Cheap slush mix will damage the O-Rings and Seals on your machine, which will lead to a broken Slush Beater, or broken Gearbox Motor. - OUCH!

We can assure you that with over 30 years experience we know what we are doing. Quality products, reliable machines, great service. 


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  • Petrol Gel - Machine lubricant
    Petrol Gel - Standard 4.oz Tube. Industry Standard, the brand everyone trusts.  One re-sealable tube of Petrol Gel. Used for lubricating Ice Cream Machines and Slush Machines. Suitable for Coldelite, Carpigiani, Cattabriga, Nissei and Gel-Matic.    ..
  • Tap Upper Seal - set of two
    Tap Upper Seal - White - Set of 2 Tap Upper Seal in White. This is a set of two of the upper "o-ring" on the dispense piston of the tap.  Remember to put plenty of Petrol Gel on this to stop it tearing. There are two seals in this pack. Suitable for many CAB and FABY machines. ..
  • Tap Lower Seal
    Tap Lower Seal - White Tap Lower Seal for the Dispense Piston of the Tap. This is the rubber bung that is in the bottom of the tap and stops leaks.  Suitable for many CAB and FABY machines. ..
  • Spiral Front Seal
    Spiral Front Seal Spiral Front Seal for CAB and FABY machines. This piece sits between the drive shaft and the front of the spiral and creates a seal. Remember to put Petrol Gel on this! Suitable for many CAB and FABY machines. ..
  • Slush Spiral Beater
    Slush Spiral Beater Spiral Slush Beater for CAB Slush Machines from our range. This part turns around, mixing the slush and scraping the slush off the freezing cylinder. ..
  • Rear Gasket Seal
    Rear Gasket Seal This is the large white rubber ring, that goes between the slush machine and the slush tank. Suitable for many CAB and FABY machines. ..
  • Slush Tank 10 litre
    Slush Tank 10 litre This is the slush tank, that you pour the slush into for it to be frozen. Suitable for many CAB and FABY machines. Never wash your tank in hot water. Never wash your tank in a dishwasher. Never drop your tank. Never use scrubbing pads or abrasive cleaners or sprays o..
  • Slush Machine Gearbox Motor
    Gearbox Motor Assembly Gearbox motor assembly for milkshake and slush machine. Complete unit, gearbox and motor, with 6 spade connection. Suitable for many CAB and FABY machines. ..
  • Front Panel - Slush Machine
    Slush Machine Front Panel.  This is a single replacement front panel for your slush machine. There is one of these panels below each bowl. A two tank machine has two of these panels. A three tank machine has three of these panels.   ..