Ice Cream Machines

Fresh Ice Cream and Milkshakes! - Now every outlet can serve fresh Ice Cream and Milkshakes with our range of machines and concepts.
We all love Ice Cream and Milkshakes, they are a favourite among young and old alike, and they are good for us. Whether you like a plain ice cream cone, a 99, a sundae with toppings and sauces, or a thick milkshake, we have a range of machines to suit all outlets and volumes.


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  • Ice Cream Cone Machine - Counter Top Nissei 9320 Air Cooled
    Clean and Convenient! A Nissei counter-top Ice Cream machine is the ideal model for the entrepreneur who is new to selling ice cream. This machine has a capacity of 40 liters of Ice Cream per hour, and with its double walled freezing cylinder with a 2.5 liter capacity, it performs we..
  • Pump Syrup Dispenser - set of 4
    Clean and Convenient! This set of four x 1 litre syrup dispenser bottles with convenient press down pump action tops are an idea way to dispense milkshake syrup. Also very handy for stock control and consistancy control - everyone uses the same amount of squirts per milkshake - simple! ..