Slush Ireland

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  • Milkshake Cups Large
    Our smart Milkshake Cups are a new design that allows you to serve your milkshake in a high quality paper cup, with attractive colourful logo, and the latest social media links to help you get your milkshake seen on facebook, and help your business attract more likes and follows.  These 16oz..
  • Self Service Slush Station - to suit a 3 tank machine
    Take the simplest idea - a child wants to pour their own slush - now lets do it as best as we can! We re-acted to requests from retailers all over the country, who told us they wanted "Self Service Slush" in their outlet. This meant getting the slush machine and everything that goes with it, out fr..
  • Strawberry Milkshake Flavouring Syrup
    Exclusive Milkshake Flavouring Syrup - from Now you can make real strawberry milkshakes like the professional milkshake parlours and fast food outlets, with the famous Milkshake Ireland flavouring Strawberry Milkshake Flavouring Syrup. There is 1 x 5 litre bottles p..
  • Gearbox Motor - for a GBG Carpigiani Spin Slush Machine
    Gearbox motor assembly for GBG Carpigiani Slush Machine If your drive shaft is not turning, then the gearbox is broken. This is a replacement gearbox motor for the GBG Carpigiani Spin slush machine.   ..
  • Flat Lid with Strawslot
    Flat Lid for Cow Pattern Cups with Strawslot. This lid fits both Regular and Large cow pattern paper Milkshake Cups. These are not for plastic slush cups. There are 1000 lids per box. ..
  • Slush Domed Lid x 1000
    Domed Lid with hole for our plastic Slush Cups.   Strong anti shatter, high quality clear plastic Domed Lid for our slush cups. This clear domed lid fits all three sizes of our Slush Cups. Yes - the one domed lid fits all three sizes of plastic slush cups. Quantity per Case 1000 Domed Lids. ..
  • Wrapped Slush Straws x 1600
    Slush Jumbo Wide Straws - Individually Wrapped Our extra wide Slush straws are the perfect way to eat or drink your favourite slush.  There are 1600 Slush Straws in this case. The straws are packed in bags of 200 straws. there are eight bags of 200 straws in this case. These straws are ..
  • Slushyards 500ml
    Slushyards are a great way to enjoy your slush! Attractive and fun, a great novelty item, these Slushyards help you sell more slush and keep your customers cool! Each slushyard includes a cap and lid. They are re-useable. Size: 500ml There are 100 x 500ml Slushyards in a box. ..
  • Slushyards 350ml x 144
    Slushyards are the perfect way to increase sales and have your customers cool down this summer! These novelty fun cups have a lid and really long straw that reaches the last drop at the bottom. The slushyards are refillable, and a great excuse to visit again. Slushyards 350ml size. There are 144&..