Self Service Slush Station - including a new 3 tank machine

Self Service Slush Station - including a new 3 tank machine

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Price: €4,800.00

Take the simplest idea - a child wants to pour their own slush - now lets do it as best as we can!

We re-acted to requests from retailers all over the country, who told us they wanted "Self Service Slush" in their outlet. This meant getting the slush machine and everything that goes with it, out from behind the traditional shop counter and creating something new, practical, presentable, and exciting, for your customers!
We created a "Self Service Slush" area, a compact counter with built in cup and lid dispensers, a built in bin, straws dispenser, branded backdrop and lockable storage space for your syrups and supplies - and a nice branded floor mat to go in front of it!

This package includes:
1 x New 2016 Slush Machine with Fast Freeze Upgrade
5 x Cases, thats 20 x 5 litres of our exclusive recipe quality slush syrup.
1 x Case of 1750 x 200ml Slush Cups
2 x Cases of 1250 x 330ml Slush Cups (thats 2 x 1250 = 2500 of these!)
4000 x Slush Domed Lids (same lid fits both cups)
4000 x Slush Spoonstraws

Delivery in Northern Ireland or Southern Ireland. 
12 Months Warranty

So thats enough Slush Syrup, Cups, Lids and Spoonstraws to make over 4000 Slush drinks!!